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Update on Challenge

March 17th, 2007 at 12:00 pm

Well, It's been longer than I wanted since my las entry. With taxes finished and returns received I decided to update my $20.00 Challenge again.
I did our taxes online vs the accountant with a savings of $142.50 and I've sewed 2 pairs of pajama pants at a total savings (after expenses) of $18.00.
Here are the savings per day:
March 4 & 5 - NS $2.00
March 6 - CT $2.50
March 7 - NS $1.00
March 8 CT & OOL - $12.50
March 9 CT - $2.50
March 10, 11 & 12 - NS $3.00
March 13 - CT & NS $3.50
March 14 CT & OOL $12.50
March 15, 16 & 17 NS - $3.00
ADDITIONS: $203.50
NEW TOTAL: $415.48

One thing I want to clear up is that I have combined trips and also No Spend Days because I purchase gas on one of the days I combine trips so I don't consider it as spending "again" when I drive.

I'm currently sewing a queen size 90"x 106" quilt for our bed. I have to total the costs to date and then do some searching as to what it would cost to purchase one made by hand. It will probably take me through the summer to complete it considering I plan on planting a small garden to save on produce costs.

Hope all are doing well with the challenge. I have read and commented on a few and it seems that anyone doing this is constantly looking for new ways to save/recycle and re-think how they live their life...a good thing for Mother Earth!

Oh Sew busy!!

March 2nd, 2007 at 06:38 pm

I can't believe that it's been just over 1 month since I last posted. I have been very busy sewing clothes and have started a quilt for DH and my bed...it will be quite big 90"x108" without the border. Taxes are finished and we should be receiving a small refund from each Federal and State returns. Well here goes my listings for each day. Just occurred to me that some might not know what my abreviations stand for- NS= No spend day, CT= Combined trips(saving gas),OOL=Only on list(no extras/impulse purchases), SP= Save on Postage, S/RC=Sew/Repair clothing(instead of using as a rag)and RC= Rolled coin.
Jan28th -NS $1.00
Jan 29th-NS $1.00
Jan 30th (BD)CT $3.50 and NS $1.00
Jan 31st NS $1.00
Feb 1st -CT $3.50, NS $1.00
Feb 2nd -CT $3.50, OOL $10.00
Feb 3,4&5 NS $3.00
Feb 6th CT $3.50, OOL $10.00, S/RC $3.00
Feb 7 NS $1.00
Feb 8th CT $3.50, OOL $10.00, SP .39
Feb 9, 10,11, 12 NS $4.00
Feb 13 CT $3.50, NS $1.00
Feb 14 NS $1.00
Feb 15 CT $3.50, OOL $10.00
Feb 16,17,18,19,20 NS $5.00
Feb 21 CT $3.50, OOL $10.00
Feb 22 CT $3.50
Feb 23,24,25,26 NS $4.00
Feb 27 CT $3.50, NS $1.00
Feb 28 CT $3.50, OOL $10.00
Mar 1,2,3 NS $3.00, SP .78

TOTAL $123.67
NEW TOTAL $211.98

I still have to figure out the savings for doing my own taxes versus the Accountant that DH uses(Used!!) and the savings of making my clothes VS the cost of purchasing them. The abrev. for sewing (making) clothes will be SC and will take the cost of fabric and notions needed to make item and subtract from the cost of a comparable item in the store.

Hope everyone is continuing on this journey we started in the beginning of the year. Promise to be better about writing more often.