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What a GREAT Day!!!

January 9th, 2007 at 05:37 pm

I really had a great savings day today. First I combined errands, another stop and grocery shopping in one trip. (add 2.50). I also bought what was on my list, actually they were out of stock of a couple of items/brands I wanted so I just skipped them, didn't purchase more expensive just to have it. (add 10.00) I also salvaged a pair of PJ pants and did some fancy sewing to correct a tear and replaced the elastic in the waistband. (add 3.00). I also found 5 pennies in and around the house. (add .05)This was total savings of 15.55 for the day!!! I'm really getting into thinking about what and why I spend and do I REALLY need it.

Previous total-$26.87
Current total-$42.42

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