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Update for 1/8/07

January 8th, 2007 at 05:08 pm

Well DH has been off from work for 3 days now...he has gone out each day and spent!! I shouldn't complain to much since he finished the garage with the cabinets he picked up from the side of the road the night before trash day. For under $100 he leveled and installed the cabinets, recycled some old boards for the 1st layer of the counter top and then bought a 4x8 piece of sanded plywood for the top layer, 2 2x4 pieces of pegboard, screws, ass't. hanging pegs for the pegboard he installed on the wall behind the cabinets. The garage really looks great!!

I've had 2 "no spend" days (add $2.00) and have been working on losing weight. Lost 9.5 # so far, just under 3 weeks. I'm cooking less so I figure that I need to work on more ideas when I don't use the stove/oven or other utilities. Will come up with something...any ideas???

Last: $24.87
Current: $26.87

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